About Nutritionista

Meet Megyn,

I’ve been a massive foodie and passionate about women’s health for as long as I can remember.

As a total nutritional biochemistry nerd, my head is always buried in medical journals and I’m a sponge for new research for complex hormonal conditions. My goal in life is to educate as many women as possible to understand that to fuel your body with whole, natural foods, love and compassion; your body will repay you in feeling incredibly happy, energetic and vibrant. I honestly wish that every single woman knows just how it feels to live in that skin.

I’m a Mum to Badyn (17), Saxon (15), Anyka (9) & Sadie (3) and being their Mum is my greatest achievement. 

I’ve also faced many struggles to get to where I am now. We’ve lost 7 children to miscarriage. It hasn’t been an easy road.

I aim to support as many couples bring their fertility, healthy pregnancy and delivery dreams come to life. I’ve struggled with postnatal depression and anxiety, and I know just how hard it can be, and with the support you deserve that can all be turned around to help you find your happy place.

As a parent I can empathise with tricky eating behaviours and promise a no BS approach to managing mealtimes. Supporting mothers is an important part of my role as if a mother is thriving then so can her family – as it’s incredibly difficult to pour from an empty cup.

I do not believe in dieting, removing whole food groups or unnecessary fad-like restrictions, because they simply DO NOT work. I encourage only eating under moderation and eating without fear, there are many other avenues and biochemical pathways to focus on to treat a condition or reach your goals and living a miserable, restricted life simply isn’t one of them.

My Professional Life

With way too many years at university under my belt now over 10 years’ experience within the health and medical industry and a love for all things related to women’s health; pregnancy, postpartum and as busy mothers simply trying to live our best lives while raising happy, healthy, resilient children in a busy modern world.

I have a deep passion for nutritional biochemistry as an integrative form of science, as it allows me to utilise many other facets of health sciences such as physiology, medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, chemistry, biology and psychology and I can apply these areas to each of my client’s very own individual biochemistry to further assess and manage their current health, diet, nutrition, level of disease, current medications and the connections that exist among them.

And as impressive as my educated may be, in full honestly, it’s been an absolute journey to get here and to my place of inner strength, happiness and peace. I’ve struggled with food, the worst case of mum guilt, body dysmorphia, finding inner balance, and loving myself.  Can you relate?

I feel that those who’ve struggled most in certain areas are the most equipped to work alongside those who are facing those very same difficulties themselves. I’m here to help in every facet of your journey…  

What are my qualifications?

Pour yourself a cuppa and get cosy. It’s been a long journey for me to get to this point here with you today…

  • Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training) – Master Trainer Level 1,
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist Training,
  • Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine),
  • PostPartum Doula,
  • HAES (Health at Every Size) Practitioner,
  • Master’s in Women’s Health Medicine, &
  • Master’s in Reproductive Medicine.

How I can help you

I can talk all day about your individual biochemistry and what makes us all unique. My clinical areas of specialty are:

  • NBlood Test Interpretations
  • NHormonal Health & Support
  • NFertility & Conception
  • NIVF Support
  • NPregnancy
  • NPaediatric Health & Nutrition
  • NPostPartum Health, Nutrition & Support
  • NBreastfeeding Support
  • NFunctional Medicine & Pathology
  • NDigestive Conditions & Support
  • NAllergy Support
  • NDisordered Eating & The Non-Diet Approach
  • NThyroid (General Health & Disorder support)
  • NEmotional & Mental Health Support (Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Sleep Disorders)
  • NAnd so much more!