And Baby Makes Five!

Wow! What a great start to the year it’s been!
Not only did our family of four set out dreams in motion by leasing ourt our home, packing up our world and start a roadtrip two states and 3 whole days away, we have finally settled in the sunny state of Queensland!

It wasn’t any more than 8 weeks since we’d been here and I wasn’t feeling the best so off to the doctors I went… Only to get the confirmation that we were expecting baby #3!
Our two sons (ages 5 & 8) are now extremely excited and cannot wait to be big brothers, our 5yo to this day keeps asking “is the baby coming out tomorrow?” it’s going to be a looooong pregnancy. With having so much bad luck with keeping a pregnancy past 14 weeks gestation since 2007-2009, we’d lost 5 angel babies and my emotions were now all over the place… Let’s just see how this little one continues to grow, fingers crossed tightly!

And that was only the start to what feels like the longest ’bout of morning sickness ever – don’t even know why they’d call it that? It was more like 24/7 sickness, I’d soon begin to start waking up at 3am to vomit, what a great start to the day!
That profuse vomiting and constant dizziness went on until 14weeks. Christmas and New Years were amongst those dates and it all feels like a total blur looking back on it now, I’m now planning on making it up to my loving little family in a big way through the 2012 festive season. But enough of the pity party for me, bubs was sticking around! It was all totally worth it.

We’ve now had our 12wk scan and all is progressing nicely and the sonographer even suspects it’s a girl – music to my ears, but I’d be absolutely excstatic with either gender.

And before we know it, we’re now at 16weeks (4 months pregnant – yay!) and due to going through so many previous pregnancies (and both my boys were quite large – at 9pounds!), bubs had popped out quite early and the strange “is she, or isn’t she?” looks and questions started. Luckily all of our friends and family are living in Victoria, and not many knew of our big secret yet… They’ll get the announcement at the magical 20wk mark.
But my condition was pretty obvious by now…


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