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Nutrition, Recipes

My Apricot Bliss Bombs 

3 simple ingredients was all it took to create these delicious, no bake, morsels. Ingredients: * 350g of dried apricots, * 150g of dessicated/shredded coconut, & * 20g of coconut oil. Method: Place all ingredients into your food processor/thermomix and blend for 1-2mins. Roll out…

Nutrition, Recipes

Why GREEN juice?? 

Basically – green juices are power-packed with nutrition. The ‘green’ in the green vegetables derive the amazing ability to transform sunshine into the food that all creatures consume, greens produce chlorophyll, which oxygenates your body. This enables us to release stored toxins in the body….

Nutrition, Recipes

My love for Quinoa 

Do you love Quinoa too?? In this busy home, all 5 of us can’t get enough…  Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah and not the common pronounciation of queen-o-a) is a perhaps one of my favourite superfoods.  More interestingly, my favourite point to share is always that it…