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Our core belief here at Nutritionista HQ is that food should heal, nourish and energise you.
As Hippocrates famously said “let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food“, and we wholeheartedly agree that the foods that you eat at every meal should not only be delicious, but it should be functional and therapeutic. Our meals should fight inflammation, heal your gut, protect you from viruses & pathogens, improve and support all of your hormones, make your skin glow and have your bowels moving daily, along with so many more benefits.

This 8 week course will introduce you to foods [and the nutrients within them] that are essential in providing us preventative health and as that assist with managing any existing chronic conditions. All participants will gain the understanding of the nutritional composition of food and how one’s overall diet composition, (being the quantities of different types of food that are regularly consumed) have an impact on both of their physical & mental health.
Our Food as Medicine course is perfect for those wishing to improve upon their current health, or health coaches who are seeking further evidenced-based information to help provide food-based recommendations to their patients.

Course Outline (you’ll learn all about):
* The history of food as medicine,
* The role of food within complementary & integrative medicine,
* Specific nutrients within foods – macronutrients, micronutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants,
* Nutrients for the brain & nervous system,
* Nutrients for the heart & cardiovascular system,
* Nutrients for bones & skeletal system,
* Nutrients for the lungs & respiratory system,
* Nutrients for the gut & digestive system,
* Nutrients for the hormones & reproductive system,
* Nutrients for the skin & integumentary system,
* Nutrients for the kidneys & renal system,
* Nutrients for the immunity & immune/lymphatic system,
* Nutrients for all stages of life (from infants to the elderly),
* Nutrients for multi-systemic conditions,
* Assessment of current popular diets and their controversies from an evidence-based science perspective,
* Vitamins, minerals & herbal guidelines,
* Healthy weight management,
* Assessment of the current public health system recommendations, And so much more!

Mode of Delivery:
This eCourse is entirely online, new content will be released weekly over the 8 weeks.

Course Duration:
This is a self-paced eCourse and learning can be as flexible as the participant wishes and can fit into their available time. We suggest 8 weeks as per the weekly lesson release but we understand entirely that life can get in the way. Access will be given to students for 12 months to complete the course. Certificates will be provided upon completion.

* Please note that the Food as Medicine eCourse, as with all short courses, does not form a part of the Australian  qualification framework and therefore does not form a part of or complete  training package qualification under Australian Vocational education and training framework. However students may apply for recognition of prior learning upon completion of  this course from various suitable  training programmes and  providers if they choose to continue  further studies in this field.

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