If you think that as a Clinical Nutritionist all I do is write weight loss meal plans and sell protein powders then you’re sadly very mistaken.
Even on my days off I find myself here in the clinic researching new studies and creating client treatment protocols – many of which have absolutely nothing to do with weight loss.
I have elderly clients with COPD that require primary care, others requiring Cancer support and children with asthma requiring urgent immune support.
My stethoscope runs overtime and many patients leave without being pushed into taking supplements – it’s simply not what I do. It crushes my soul when I hear people say “oh I thought you just sell expensive supplements and push the no sugar movement”
It’s my job to educate you on what physiologically occurred to get you to the state you’re in, and what can be done to undo or improve your current state of health.
I’m a freaking scientist with 4 long years of a university degree under my belt studying pharmacology, human biology, chemistry, pathology, microbiology, psychology and so much more.
So please don’t disregard me and my profession because I (and many other brilliant, talented and caring qualified practitioners) have worked really hard to get to where we are today, we just ask for a little more of an open mind and understanding, thanks