Ep7: From Surviving to Thriving During Lockdown

With millions of fellow Australian’s stuck in the ongoing lockdown loop, it can be terribly difficult to get motivated and take care of our own health & wellbeing every single day. Join us as we discuss how to start treating your own wellbeing as a priority and keep your own cup full and your sanity intact. Listen now!


Hi, I'm Megyn

Imagine a reproductive medicine specialist and a nutritional biochemist rolled into one—yep, that’s me! 
What makes my approach unique?
I merge cutting-edge medical insights with holistic nutrition and an innovative ‘food as medicine’ strategy.
Your goal? Realistic, long-term solutions that go beyond temporary fixes. We’ll dive deep to understand your unique hormonal and reproductive needs, then tailor a bespoke plan that nourishes
you in every way.
Trust me, we’re not just aiming for short-term wins here; we’re building a toolkit for lifelong success. Ready to change your health narrative?