Here we GLOW!

It’s time to celebrate! We’ve all journeyed yet another trip around the sun, and hopefully all had a safe, healthy and hopefully happy time doing so!  Year after year I see a flood of email and social advertising shoved in our faces with suggestive ‘New year Resolutions’ detox, weight loss or some fad diet being shoved down our throats. Ugh🤦‍♀️

We’ve all had moments promising ourselves that once that calendar switches over to first of January 20-whatever that we’ll join the gym, start that diet, lose that weight, spend less $, or make the effort to do ‘whatever’ more often, and we’ll all transform magically into our best selves by March and live in our fantasy magazine land, riding unicorns and dating Jason Momoa.

But for most of us, our resolutions are BIG and our willpower is loooow. Work gets busy straight off the bat, kids need your attention, people get sick, lockdowns and iso life (big hugs if you’re stuck in that one!) and life generally happens and stuff gets in the way. And on rolls the blah-ness of life and the beast that is self-loathing can grow exponentially.

So, this year I decided to upgrade my growth mindset (can’t half tell I’m a primary school Mum too) and I’ve decided to stick with the positive and flexible personal goals, the magical and promising, intentions. These New Years Intentions for me personally on many different areas of my life, I have my company intentions, my own personal intentions and my intentions for when I’m wearing my Mum/Wife/Cooking Queen hats and they are all about there here and now.

Resolutions are focused on your future. Intentions are in the present.

Resolutions are external achievements. Intentions are about your very own relationships with yourself and others and how you choose to see the world (told you my growth mindset game was strong!).

Here are my top 3 fave ways to get clear on your intentions for the New Year, or just today:


Don’t wait until the New Year, or Monday

The great thing about intentions is that you can set it daily, monthly or any time of the year.  I personally chose to kick mine off on Boxing Day last year, it was a Sunday here in Australia. I just got up, got dressed, found a podcast I’ve been waiting to listen to and left for a long walk. It was just what my soul needed. My personal intentions were to just begin moving more. Every. Single. Day. I’m an early bird, and the rest of my family is not. And that works for me. I’m home by 7.30am and the rest of the day I can cool off or go on day trips, or to do whatever I feel like doing. My one intention is complete. These intentions are the essential foundations required for long-term behaviour/lifestyle/mindset changes we are all seeking.

Create a vision board

Manifesting may be a little too ‘woo’ for many, but IFYKYK (if you know, you know). Many years ago I was in a workshop with the wonderful Kate James and she opened my eyes to the power of a well-planned, detailed vision board. For all those visual people out there, this is the BEST idea for you to take some time daily to literally SEE yourself living that life you want. There’s no surprise that my vision board is beside my bed for this very reason. It’s the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. So it’s no surprise that my vision board gets a review every quarter to remove things that I have brought to fruition and new intentions to get up there. It’s so rewarding to take a picture off because you’ve achieved it.

Do/find what brings you joy

Thought you’d escaped the Marie Condo phase? Haha, I’m not going to tell you to get rid of all your possessions but rather spend time doing things that bring your soul happiness. For me it’s my early morning walks, floating in the pool and seeing my kids laugh. It’s not spending all of my time cleaning, replying to emails outside of business hours and eating food I don’t enjoy. So I’m straight up intending to NOT do those things any longer. Granted there will be days that I have to reply to some important emails or eat something I’m not salivating for, but hey, tomorrow’s another day!

Just remember, your intentions are just that, they are set in the present. There here and now. If you find yourself dropping the ball or slipping back, then no need to toss it in the bin and throw all your efforts away, just do a TayTay and shake it off and restart. There’s no failure here, you just need a quick realignment. Go check out your vision board, realign your crown and get back on with it.


You’ve 👏 got 👏 this!


So, powerful lady, are you ready to GLOW with me and have your most fulfilling and most successful year yet?!


Hi, I'm Megyn

My goal in life is to educate as many women as possible to understand that to fuel your body with whole, natural foods, love and compassion; your body will repay you in feeling incredibly happy, energetic and vibrant. I honestly wish that every single woman knows just how it feels to live in that skin.