Megyn’s Fruit Fizz

The Teddy Bears Picnic for little A’s 1st birthday was a huge success!
All the children held on tight to their Fruit Fizz and there was an ongoing battle at home as to who got the last bottle the day after.
It was so simple to make:
*Organic Fruit Juice (with no extra sugar),
*Seasonal Berries (your choice, frozen if fresh aren’t available), &
*Soda or Mineral Water.
Trial one to get the mixtures right, our organic juice wasn’t particularily strong in strength so we placed berries in first (1/5), then the fruit juice (2/5) and filled with soda water (3/5).


Hi, I'm Megyn

My goal in life is to educate as many women as possible to understand that to fuel your body with whole, natural foods, love and compassion; your body will repay you in feeling incredibly happy, energetic and vibrant. I honestly wish that every single woman knows just how it feels to live in that skin.