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Nutrition 101 eCourse

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Course Outline (you’ll learn all about):
* How to reconnect with the food that nourished & energizes us,
* Common additives & preservatives in the food supply,
* How to un-diet and becoming more, with less,
* Improving hormonal health,
* The complexities of the gut – how digestion works,
* Fibre and other forgotten essentials,
* Blood sugar regulation – and why it is so important,
* The role of food within complementary & integrative medicine,
* Specific nutrients within foods – macronutrients, micronutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants,
* A step-by-step guide to clearing out and your very own kitchen pantry & fridge,
* Common vitamins, minerals & herbal guidelines,
* A complete tour of your local supermarket (including ‘reading food labels like a pro’),
* RDI’s and why they aren’t always what they seem
* Healthy weight management,
* Building delicious and well-balanced meals, And so much more!

Mode of Delivery: This eCourse is entirely online, new content will be released weekly over the 10 weeks.

Course Duration: This is a self-paced eCourse and learning can be as flexible as the participant wishes and can fit into their available time. We suggest 10 weeks as per the weekly lesson release but we understand entirely that life can get in the way. Access will be given to students for 12 months to complete the course. Certificates will be provided upon completion.

* Please note that the Return to Real eCourse, as with all short courses, does not form a part of the Australian  qualification framework and therefore does not form a part of or complete  training package qualification under Australian Vocational education and training framework. However students may apply for recognition of prior learning upon completion of  this course from various suitable  training programmes and  providers if they choose to continue  further studies in this field.

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