The Flow Lab

Have you heard the myths?

You just can’t balance your hormones without going on the pill?

You’re best to get into fasting or try keto to shed the extra weight and improve your PCOS?

Sick of feeling less than average yet keep being told that all of your test results are “normal”?

Yep. I was too.

But let me ask you this…

Wouldn’t you like to feel full of energy, with glowing skin and feel balanced every single day??

If you’re nodding your head yes, Then get ready, because you’re absolutely in the right place at the right time. This is it!

It’s time to stop just “managing” your hormones, it’s time to truly get to know them and start feeling empowered by them.



The Flow Lab

The step-by-step 12-week program to improving your hormonal balance and your overall health, increase your energy + wellbeing. 

In order to help you fully grasp the intricate relationship between your hormones and the food you eat, the Flow Lab provides you with education and assistance over the course of 12 weeks.

It enables you to understand how your hormones work so you may correct any dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, or lifestyle changes in the future if these symptoms (or others) return. With lifetime access, you may return at any moment to refresh your knowledge and receive all the new content we’ll be providing.


This could be you…

  • Deeply understand your own unique hormonal cycle so you don’t have to rely on oral contraceptives (or if you do choose to, you’ll be fully aware of all of the risks + nutrient deficiencies that most GP’s don’t inform you of – hello depression, anxiety and burnout! So you’ll know how to best support your body to avoid these deficiencies),
  • Be so in tune with your ovulation and fertility signs that when you choose start a family, you’re ready, confident, and excited,
  • Having easy, breezy, periods that make you feel empowered, confident and in control every month,
  • Feel like you have boosted your sex drive and feel like the feminine goddess that you are,
  • Have increased energy, self-confidence and vitality by knowing how to support your metabolism,
  • Experience increased creativity, energy, and productivity daily by intuitively understanding where you’re at in your hormone cycle, and
  • Know exactly how to sync your workouts to where you’re at in your cycle so you get the most out of your training and reach your fitness goals quicker. You’ll become the Queen of working out smarter, not harder, for even better results!


What you’ll learn:

That there’s so much more to your hormones than you realise!

The quality of your sleep, the strength of your immune system, your appetite, how well your gut/digestive system functions, your metabolism, your weight, your mood, and your ability to cope with stress are all impacted by your hormones.

It’s so much more complex than just PMS and period problems.

Here’s a small sample of the wealth of information that’s provided over 12 weeks of learning with multiple modules and resources provided each week:

  • NThe Foundations of Nutrition
  • NYour Four Cycle Phases
  • NExercise + Movement Within Your Cycle
  • NContraception - Natural, Barriers & Prescription Medications
  • NCycle Tracking, Your Fertility + Fertility Awareness Methods
  • NAchieving Hormonal Balance
  • NHormonal Changes + Reproductive Life Stages
  • NHormonal Imbalances + Common Disease States
  • NMyths + Misconceptions
  • NPutting It All Together
  • NThe Ultimate Guide to Seed Cycling
  • NYour Cycle + The Moon

and so much more…!

What you’ll get:

Video Modules

You’ll receive 12 weeks of ongoing education through modules,  training videos + module updates. 

Workbooks & Recipes

Downloadable PDF’s PLUS a variety of recipe books to suit each cycle phase.

Lifetime Access

You’ll receive lifetime access to all updates, module additions and bonus materials!

Private FB Group

You’ll be invited to join our private FB group with Nutritionista support + guidance.

Your Specialist Teacher behind The Flow Lab

I too was dismissed by my GP’s and told there was nothing wring with me because my labs were normal and I felt the worst I’ve ever been. I was also offered an antidepressant and a new oral contraceptive pill on my way out too. My PCOS was out of control and I was told that if I didn’t lose weight, and fast (so fasting and keto was my best option) that I would be type 2 diabetic before the end of the year. No thanks! So back to uni I went because I deserved better. And every single woman I’ve met with in clinic since that day back in 2016 too, deserves so much better.   

I am Megyn Hayes (MWomHMed, MReproMed, BHSc Nut Med) and I’m a double master’s degree qualified nutritional biochemist and clinical nutritionist that specialises in women’s health + reproductive medicine. But most importantly, I am just like you. As women we’re often the last to come first but my role is to help you adjust the crown on your head and get you back on track.  

No matter where you are in your journey, you will get support in getting to where you want to be.  

I’m so deeply passionate about women’s health and wellbeing, and assists with developing realistic lifestyle + nutrition changes.

Here’s my specialist medical educational journey so far:

  • Master’s in Reproductive Medicine,
  • Master’s in Women’s Health Medicine,
  • HAES (Health at Every Size) Practitioner,
  • Birth + Postpartum Doula,
  • Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine),
  • Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training) – Master Trainer Level 1.

What our students are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm super busy... I'm not sure if I'll have the time?

Join the club. But it’s time to bin the excuses and show up for YOU. The Flow Lab was created with busy women in mind. We each have all the things keeping us super busy but you can access this course anywhere you have internet access, so there’s no excuse. You can watch it when you’re doing pickup, on the train, waiting for the kids to finish sports, or taking some quiet time for yourself each evening once the kids are in bed and you’ve ticked off your to-do list. You do not have to show up each and every week and there are NO deadlines. You have lifetime access to the modules (and future content too) so you can always come back to it to review at any time. But the price will never be this low again, and your symptoms can only get better with what you’ll learn over the next 12 weeks, so there’s no better time to jump on in and join us!  

What age range is this course best suited to?

The Flow Lab is absolutely relevant for women of all ages. Women of reproductive age will get the most out of it but women entering perimenopause and menopause can still obtain a wealth of knowledge and help work on their symptoms. We have seen great success for family units, Mum’s enrolling for their own hormone balancing needs then teaching their daughters approaching adolescence have given amazing feedback. For those who are no longer menstruating there are many resources to support a natural cyclical rhythm and many postmenopausal gems to provide energy and vitality.  

Can I still join if I'm taking the pill or have an IUD?

Oh, absolutely! We do not discriminate on your personal choices. We’re in the pro-choice camp here and support you 100% wherever you stand. The Flow Lab discusses how to support your body as well as the effects of various birth control methods. Hormonal birth control may be the best choice for certain women, and I wholeheartedly endorse this. *Keep in mind though, while taking hormonal contraceptives, hormonal testing cannot be done, many specialists won’t tell you that but will take your $$$ anyway! 

What can I expect in terms of results?

We cannot predict how each individual body will respond, and we do not guarantee specific results. We all know that we only get out what you put in, and for our health + wellbeing there are no quick fixes. 

Many women have experienced incredible results: regulated menstrual cycles, improved fertility (and pregnancy) rates, increased energy, elevated moods, happier + healthier thyroids (proven by improved pathology results), some have reported a disappearance in PCOS symptoms and higher sex drives. Many experience rather drastic weight loss, but we don’t advertise that as we believe that is just a positive side effect of a healthy metabolism lifestyle. 
The Flow Lab was created as an educational resources to build on top of the foundations of nutrition to allow women to fully understand the nourishment and balanced lifestyles they require to keep all of her body systems in check.   

Do I need to have a blood test? Or my GP said my results were all normal?

Absolutely not. We do not recommend getting unnecessary testing. If you have had blood tests done within the last 6 months then we strongly suggest that you contact your medical provider and request a printed copy so that you can keep track of your health status and review your own pathology tests when we discuss them in module six in relation to any signs + symptoms that you may be experiencing. You will soon learn that just because you were told that your results were within “the normal ranges” that does not mean you are free of symptoms. The ranges are overly broad and with the assistance from Megyn, as a skilled Nutritional Biochemist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, identifying low-normal or high-normal results can be a key indicator that there is something going on that needs specialist attention.

What is the difference between The Flow Lab and other hormone balancing courses?

There are many courses available that are provided by others. Many are shorter courses that offer an overview without indepth education behind why certain hormones do what they do, and why. Many often contain up to 6hrs of educational content, while the Flow Lab contains 16+ hours and an abundance of additional online resources. 

We do stress that not all similar courses are created or presented by qualified medical practitioners either. Unfortunately, there are an abundance of coaches that have similar courses but do not have health and/or science degrees and 10+ years or medical training. Nor are they fully insured + registered healthcare or medical practitioners.
For the sake of your health + wellbeing always enquire about their education and how someone can use the term ‘specialist’ or ‘expert’ without a [medical] Masters degree. Chances are, if they’re not upfront and accommodating, they may just be selling ‘popular advice’ at a premium price which can do more harm than good.
A large social media following isn’t always proof of value. 
To read more about The Flow Lab’s creator, please click here. 

Do you offer refunds?

For those of you that still can’t decide, rest assured that Nutritionista (Hayco Industries Pty Ltd) complies with Australian Consumer Law in regard to refunds.
We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the online/digital course, program or product/s that you chose to purchase or enrol into.
However, while course fees are non-refundable, students may have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from undertaking their course. Where evidence can be successfully provided to support the student’s circumstances, course fees may be refunded or partially refunded pending approval from the Managing Director as per the following:

  • A full refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled prior to the commencement date and if access to resources has not been provided yet.
  • A 50% refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled within 7 days of purchase.
  • No refund will be provided after 7 days of the online/digital course, program or product/s purchase.
  • No refund will be provided where work or assessment has been saved or submitted.
  • Refunds usually take 5 to 10 business days to process, depending on your banking institution.
  • Printed materials are non-refundable.

This decision of assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with the Managing Director and shall be assessed on a case by case situation. To apply please email and attention your email to the Managing Director.

How’s this for value…?!

12 weeks of education through modules and 16+ hours of training videos = $4,000

Flow Lab Module Workbooks (inclusive of lifetime access + all updates) = $199

Four massive cycle phase specific meal plans + recipe books = $299.80

Seed cycling recipe eBook of 50 recipes = $49.95

VALUE $4,548.75

PLUS you’ll also get:

  • Your modules developed by a medical specialist which eliminates guessing or trial + error through self teaching. Saves yourself time + money by consulting other medical practitioners who cannot spend hours with them addressing their root cause,
  • All the education that you need to take action and the understanding of what your body is telling you through signs + symptoms and how these relate to your hormones,
  • How to improve your hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and better improve their lifestyles, 
  • Ongoing weekly resources provided,
  • Private Facebook support group access and monitoring by our Founder + CEO, +
  • Lifetime access to all ongoing additions and updates to The Flow Lab.