Wow, it's only May but what a ride 2016 has been so far!

I know, I know… It’s been a while. We hope that you love our new Nutritionista™ website as much as we do, it has been a very long time coming and there has been so much going on behind the scenes.
There is so much I want to share with you all but I have been absolutely flat out in production of our raw chocolate. It is literally flying off the shelves and it’s finally become a full time job just trying to keep up!  It is such an amazing experience to hear all of your amazing feedback, it truly makes my day!
13230288_1073107386095945_645641590060543011_nYou can now buy our delicious organic treats such as the famous raw chocolate, activated nuts, granola & super seed crackers from The Handmade Marketplace in Kilmore,
approx 1hr north of the CBD.

Our online store is now fully stocked, with many new items secretly awaiting a very special upcoming launch. If you want to be the first to know about this please sign up to our mailing list via our homepage, and you’ll also be privvy to our upcoming newsletter with interviews with special guests, delicious recipes, sales and special offers just for our VIP’s.

2016 has been amazing, not only in terms of chocolate but I’ve been busy consulting with my wonderful clients from within Wellnation’s Melbourne CBD Clinic since February this year. Such an honour to meet so many of you and help you along your journey to optimum health and wellness, there is way more in store for clinic and I look forward to returning in July.

Some beautiful messages received the last few weeks alone were:11694003_10153305775760860_125940753703802389_n“After months, even years, of little miss Stella reacting to milk products, we have decided to try dairy free for a week. You’re a total lifesaver!”,
10430434_10153355784292450_8137537822156504950_n“Tried this amazing chocolate and it is absolutely delish!!! @nutritionista__ thanks so much I’ll definitely be back real soon,
such a good feeling knowing you can eat chocolate and not worry about all the nasties”,
13226941_10154174719142603_4380626559988511487_n“Amazed by how great this raw chocolate is ? I recommend you give it a go. So yummy!”,
13173230_10154254966747450_1421938511005097783_o“After a busy and long day I’ve just sat down with my @nutritionista__ super seed crackers, raw dark mint chocolate & beetroot dip mixed with pate & avocado. YUM!!”,
13235440_10153492270185896_628790366170908428_o“It’s chocolate o’clock here at the Handmade Marketplace, after a looooong day with toddler and puppy instore keeping me on toes and slightly insane all day!! But at least this @nutritionista__ block is completely raw and guilt free!! ? there’s only about 6 blocks left until our restock so hurry up and snag yourself an afternoon snack ?”
13173299_1070899019650115_7624171984819829305_o“Come in and munch on a DELICIOUS raw chocky bar, you’ll die when you taste how creamy and amazing it is! The Superfood Choc is our personal fave but I’m happy to eat the remaining 38 blocks just to be sure!”


Hi, I'm Megyn

Imagine a reproductive medicine specialist and a nutritional biochemist rolled into one—yep, that’s me! 
What makes my approach unique?
I merge cutting-edge medical insights with holistic nutrition and an innovative ‘food as medicine’ strategy.
Your goal? Realistic, long-term solutions that go beyond temporary fixes. We’ll dive deep to understand your unique hormonal and reproductive needs, then tailor a bespoke plan that nourishes
you in every way.
Trust me, we’re not just aiming for short-term wins here; we’re building a toolkit for lifelong success. Ready to change your health narrative?