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Sleep & Your Circadian Rhythm 

Your Circadian Rhythm The sharp increase in various diseases over the last 50-100 years can be explained, in part, by recent dietary and lifestyle changes.1 It is suggested that humans in industrialised countries are living in an environment which we have not fully evolved to thrive…

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Nutritionista is a online-based, independent nutrition clinic and postpartum care provider that is located in Melbourne, Victoria. Nutritionista was established in 2016 by Megyn Hayes, Megyn is a university qualified Nutritional Biochemist, Clinical Nutritionist, Postpartum Doula & Public Health Educator. After an extensive university education complete with multiple master’s degrees, Megyn is a passionate advocate for women’s health, nutrition, postpartum care & ongoing support. Nutritionista’s core values are to educate, listen and support women to balance their hormones, support healthy pregnancies and postpartum period, manage chronic illnesses, and overcome a range of unresolved health issues.


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