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Our focus is on guiding you to
achieve optimum health & wellbeing.

The aim of every consultation is to listen to you and get to the very bottom all of your health and wellbeing concerns. The bonus of spending 60-90 minutes together during your initial consult is that can ask all of the questions we need in order to investigate further to best locate the ‘root cause’ of your health concern and work with you to develop a plan to get you back to feeling the very best you can.

We see a vast range of clients, specialising in women’s and paediatric health. 
This includes fertility, preconception & pregnancy support, hormonal balancing, gut health, mental & neurotransmitter health, food intolerances & allergies and so much more.

Clinic Location:

Due to recent Melbourne lockdowns, we are now a fully online clinic! All of our nutrition consultations are held online via Zoom, and we have extended our hours of operation so can fit in around your busy schedules. 


Our indepth consultation process allows for identification of root causes and continual education to allow for lifestyle changes rather than providing band-aid quick fix approaches that often result in the issue arising again in the future.  We cannot always simply solve the issues within one consult however we aim to guide you through positive changes over a series of consultations to allow you to achieve long-term, realistic healthy changes that fit into your lifestyle.

Got Private Health Insurance? We will provide full receipts after your appointment so you can claim from your fund. *Please check with your policy if nutrition is covered.

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