It’s one question I get asked daily… “DO I NEED TO CUT-OUT CARBS?”

There are sooo many people are under the assumption (thanks once again to many of those crazy fad diets that are created and seem to be plastered all over the media weekly!) that they need to cut carbs out of their diets in order to get some great results and have washboard abs like Pink or skinny legs like Nicole Richie.
So is it true??
Once again, having a heath science based background – I have read, studied and researched many THOUSANDS (literally) articles, scientific reviews & studies on macro & micronutrients and the effects they have on us all. The short answer is no, absolutely not.
The key is that you need to include to be eating good UNprocessed carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates) and not the highly refined ones that taste delish but do absoutely nothing for our waistlines.
To keep things simple the best way to learn how to include carbs into your diet is to ensure that you try and include carbohydrates that haven’t been highly processed and actually have some goodness left in them.


Some examples of good carbs: Brown Rice, Oats, Sweet Potato and a multitude of vegetables.

Some examples of the not-so-good carbs: White bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, etc.

Including some good quality starchy complex carbohydrates (ie brown rice, sweet potato) to your diet can dramatically improve your training ability which in turn helps you shed the kilos!
The key is to include good quality carbs when you need them the most, so early in the day or around the time of your training.

There is absoultely NO need to feel deprived if you just make sure that you make some good food choices.