Hey all of the fab Fit Foody Mumma’s out there!

I am getting asked daily about what to eat during pregnancy.
“How do I know that I’m eating enough?”
“How do I know that I’m eating too much?”
“Am I eating the right foods?”
“How much is enough of the right foods?”
“How much chocolte can I eat?”
So I thought I’d publish one of my same plans for each of you to have a look at and decide how you compare with eating the recommended daily intakes of fruit, veg, proteins & healthy fats.
Each page is summarised with the daily contents.

The plan can be found here:
Sample 2 Day Eating Plan

Now I want you all to keep in mind that this plan is more than suitable for the first 2 trimesters, and in the last trimester you need an additional 300 calories per day,
which can be an additional helping or serve of:
* tub of yoghurt, or
* an extra bowl of vegetable soup with toast, or
* an extra salad sandwich, or
* or an extra helping at breakfast or dinner (some meals you can still be ravenously hungry or enormously full)!
Just make sure it has valuable nutritional content – potato chips are no longer a vegetable (but are a ‘sometimes food’ so enjoy, but in moderation)!

Please post all comments or questions below or on our facebook page for prompt replies : )