My Apricot Bliss Bombs

3 simple ingredients was all it took to create these delicious, no bake, morsels.


* 350g of dried apricots,
* 150g of dessicated/shredded coconut, &
* 20g of coconut oil.

Place all ingredients into your food processor/thermomix and blend for 1-2mins.
Roll out into 24 balls and pop into the fridge until you’re ready to eat.
Caution – they didn’t survive very long in my home, making the perfect after school snack for 4 hungry kids!  Luckily I was smart enough to make 2 batches and I froze the 2nd batch for school lunches, they freeze well.


  1. Isabella

    These look so good and healthy!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. nutritionistaa

    Thanks Isabella! Hope you enjoyed these 🙂

  3. Amy

    My hubby would love these! Could you swap the fruit for something different?

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