Do you love Quinoa too?? In this busy home, all 5 of us can’t get enough…


 Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah and not the common pronounciation of queen-o-a) is a perhaps one of my favourite superfoods.  More interestingly, my favourite point to share is always that it is a seed and NOT a grain, making it a super healthy alternative.
It is also packed full of protein, essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & iron, not to mention the 8 essential amino acids (making it a complete protein source for vegans/vegetarians) required for good health and repair and is a perfect gluten free option.

 There are so many kinds of quinoa available (red, black and the most recognised, white) on the Australian market now, and is now being produced in Tasmania (woohoo!) and it’s homeland of South America.

 It’s super easy to cook and use in cold or warm salads, my 6 year old son loves it cooked with almond milk and a handful of berries or a banana for his breakfast, my 9 year old loves it as a substitute for rice in his favourite special quinoa (our healthy version of special fried rice – as pictured), fabulous when used in baking (quinoa flakes are best for this) rolled with veggies into patties, in stews or soups, or even as a rice, pasta or grain substitute in everyday recipes. The sky really is the limit for this wonderful superfood!