We all know that fresh really is best, by applying the food as medicine approach to the food that we can all prepare at home, then we can experiment with smoothies to create drinks that nourish and have a specific purpose within our diets, whether it be immune boosting, to provide more energy, provide maximum nutrition or just to brighten up our day.
I’ve attached an awesome formula that you can print and stick to your fridge to give you some hints, tips & ideas on what you can throw into your very own smoothie, but please do not hesitate to make your own variations, this list is not the absolute be all and end all.
Many of my favourite ingredients are not on there, I love a coconut milk smoothie with kale or spinach, with a banana, chia seeds, chlorella powder, maca, cinnamon and a pinch of cacao myself (no sweetener required).

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients?