Coconut Yoghurt. Two Ingredients. Too easy!

Yep, it’s that easy!

Coconut yoghurt ain’t cheap. But it’s soooo good!
For those of us who are entirely dairy-free, or just trying to mix it up in the kitchen, then this is the go-to recipe for you…! You can even get your kids involved and let them mix up some natural flavourings to go with it. MmMm passionfruit pulp! Any seasonal fruits & berries would go a treat with this.

All you’ll need is:

  • 400ml can of full-fat coconut milk,
  • 2 Probiotic capsules or equivalent dosage in powder form (cannot be pills/tablets, you need to open the capsule to use).

Then you…

  • Give it all a great shake/stir to combine and store in a jar that you can put cheesecloth or a chux wipe on and secure it with an elastic band. Or you can pop it into a yoghurt maker or slow/pressure cooker on it’s yoghurt setting (if you have one).

    *NOTE* Make sure you DO NOT use metal utensils (fork/spoon) to mix it all together as the metal can react with the probiotics. Wooden utensils are best. I personally use a mason jar to shake it all together well and then remove the lid and use a cheesecloth and elastic band to secure.
  • Then leave it somewhere warm (not in direct sunlight!) to culture and turn into yoghurt, 24 to 48hrs is usually all it takes, I personally prefer 48hrs here around September in Victoria, Australia. It thickens up nicely and develops that yoghurty zing we’re all accustomed to.
    Be sure to keep it away from any other ferments you have though, I’ve learnt that one the hard way! As with all fermented foods, if you witness any mould, discard it immediately.
  • Once it’s to your liking, pop it into the fridge and consume within 5-7 days. If it lasts that long!

If you need recommendations on quality probiotic capsules, just drop me an email and I can recommend one to best suit your needs and budget, and have it delivered direct to your door. Enjoy! x


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