No Hormones, No Problem – How FAM Can Change Your Birth Control Game

The Fertility Awareness Method: A Natural Family Planning Option

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is a natural family planning method that involves tracking various physical signs to determine when a woman is most fertile and likely to conceive. By identifying when a woman is most fertile, couples can either use this information to try to conceive or to avoid pregnancy by using alternative methods of contraception during this period.

Non-Invasive and Cost-Effective

One of the key features of FAM is that it is non-invasive. It does not require any drugs, devices, or invasive procedures. Instead, it relies on tracking natural bodily functions to identify the fertile window. This makes it a safe and cost-effective option for many women. Additionally, by tracking menstrual cycles and other bodily changes, women can gain a better understanding of their reproductive health, leading to increased knowledge and empowerment.

No Side Effects

Another major benefit of FAM is that it does not have any side effects. Unlike hormonal birth control methods, which can cause a range of side effects including mood changes, weight gain, headaches, and decreased libido, FAM is a natural method that does not introduce any external substances into the body. This can be particularly appealing to women who are sensitive to hormonal changes or who are seeking a more natural approach to contraception. I found this particularly helpful, as a woman who suffered from PCOS and at times had a totally irregular cycle at the best of times, I learnt all of my bodies signs and symptoms around ovulation, and therefore my fertility, helped me understand when my ovulation occurred and helped me become much more body aware.

Can Be Used for Conception or Contraception

FAM can also be used to both conceive or avoid pregnancy, depending on a couple’s goals. By identifying the fertile window, couples can plan intercourse around that time to increase the chances of conceiving. Conversely, if a couple wishes to avoid pregnancy, they can use alternative methods of contraception, such as condoms or barrier methods, during the fertile window.

Promoting Communication and Intimacy

One of the most exciting perks of FAM is that it can promote communication and intimacy between partners. By understanding their body’s natural rhythm and tracking changes together, couples can work together to achieve their goals and feel more connected. Additionally, FAM is an environmentally friendly contraceptive option, as it does not require any materials or products.

Risks + Limitations

While FAM can be a safe and effective option for many women, it is important to note that it is not always reliable. The accuracy of the tracking methods used and the consistency of their application can affect its effectiveness. Additionally, FAM does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, so alternative methods of protection may be necessary.

Hormonal Birth Control: Risks and Benefits

Some people may choose to use hormonal birth control methods, but it is important to understand the potential risks and side effects. Hormonal birth control can cause a range of side effects, such as mood changes, weight gain, headaches, and decreased libido. Additionally, it can increase the risk of blood clots and other health concerns. However, it is important to note that hormonal birth control can also have many benefits, such as regulating menstrual cycles, reducing acne, and preventing certain types of cancer. As with any medical decision, it’s important to speak with a healthcare provider to understand the risks and benefits of different birth control methods.

FAM is a natural and non-invasive family planning method that can provide women with increased knowledge and control over their reproductive health. By tracking physical signs and changes, couples can either try to conceive or avoid pregnancy, depending on their goals. While FAM is not always reliable, it can be a safe and effective option for many women. Additionally, the communication and intimacy it promotes between partners can be a major benefit.

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