Unpacking the Secrets Behind Bloat, PMS, and PCOS: Why Your Gut and Liver Are the Real Game-Changers

Ready to Chat Hormones?

Listen up, because we’re diving into something that impacts every facet of your life: hormonal imbalance in women. From fatigue and bloating to PMS and PCOS, these women’s health issues are likely more familiar to you than you’d like. The good news? This doesn’t have to be your daily reality. Your journey to hormonal balance begins with knowledge.


The True Culprits: Excess Oestrogen and Cortisol

You might blame your mood swings and discomfort on a simple hormonal meltdown, but there’s more to the story. The health of your gut and liver is intertwined with your hormonal balance. Oestrogen, a key female hormone, travels through your liver and is supposed to exit via your colon.

But what happens if this path isn’t smooth sailing? Cue cortisol, the stress hormone, which can throw a wrench in the works, disrupting the harmony of this hormonal journey.


The Importance of Daily Poop: Your Colon, The Unsung Hero

No soft-pedalling here: regular bowel movements are key to optimal women’s health. Miss this crucial step and you invite the oestrogen to recirculate in your system. Here’s where fibre for hormonal balance earns its title as the MVP of gut health.  This dynamo not only facilitates regular bowel movements but also binds to the excess oestrogen, giving it the grand exit it deserves.


The Bad Gut Bacteria Connection

Welcome to the complex world of gut dysbiosis, a leading contributor to hormonal imbalance. If you’ve got a preponderance of bad bacteria, you’re practically setting a VIP table for unwanted oestrogen and toxins, exacerbating PMS symptoms and PCOS.


Your Gut, Liver, and Hormonal Symphony

Think of your gut as a delicate ecosystem. When it’s out of balance, it affects your liver and hormones. A healthy liver is essential for hormone detoxification, and a functional gut is needed for nutrient absorption.


Ready to Go?

If you’re keen to further delve into your hormonal health, The Flow Lab eCourse is a comprehensive guide focusing on evidence-based women’s health strategies. Led by clinical nutritionist Megyn Hayes, the course offers nutritional advice, lifestyle hacks, and holistic approaches to hormonal balance.

From cycle tracking to healthy diet choices, The Flow Lab covers it all. The community of like-minded individuals offers a layer of accountability and motivation, crucial in any wellness journey.


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